de eko kluis

Surprised what this is? De eko kluis, it does not sound familiar. That’s right, a whole new concept in Amsterdam for all creative people who prefer to take care themselves how their food is grown. Here you can subscribe to your own greenhouse where vegetables will always grow, regardless of the weather. An eco kit is included. This is a kit consisting of a backpack, shovel and rake, seeds to plant, a watering can and the key to access De eko kluis. So you can start right away in your eko kluis!
This (fictional) concept for Ekoplaza is a result from a trend forecast for the year 2048.

De eko kluis

A new concept 'De eko kluis' captured for the organic supermarket Ekoplaza

blog de eko kluis

created as a promotion tool

De Eko kit

all tools you need for working in the eko kluis

De eko kluis

where it all happens